Friday, 16 March 2012

New Family Member

Hello, I am still here, just looking after a poorly family, both littlies have had bad fevers and now baby D has got a chest infection.  Big D (aka the other half) has been off from work since last Friday with the dreaded fever but is on anti b's for tonsillitis.  I was the only fit one until last night when I noticed an ache in my back, which got progressively worse overnight and this morning I feel quite unwell, the pain is not only in my back it is in my sides,  I have self diagnosed a kidney infection so off to the Docs. My emergency appointment is not until this evening!

Well as the title says  new family member.  I would like to introduce you to Dolly.  Dolly was my Ebay bargin, which I had to travel 487 miles for on Saturday morning to pick up.  I left the house at 5.15am and went on my merry way.  Big D was supposed to be going, but was not well enough.  I actually enjoyed the journey there which took about 4.5 hours, but coming back was not so good. Accident after Accident so my 4.5 hours turned into 6.5!

Now to me my dolly is very special, you see my machine and I were not on good terms, she was old and temperamental and I was loosing faith in her, so I started to look around as was recommended Juki who are well known for their industrial expertise.  They have ventured into the domestic market.  Well after much research and a honest conversation with my local machine shop, they said if you can get your hands on a industrial model, you will have a friend for life.  So that's how I found her,

She is a DDL 555 and is beautiful, named Dolly after my Nanna, who used sewing machines all her life.

She has her own table

Her own oil well

Want a closer look?

And now her own Nana's cosy

And I Love her very much.

Off now to rest back soon with lots of sewn goodies

Clare x

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